1. Lost Your Keys.? 🔑

2. Forgot Your Combination.? 🤦🏽‍♂️

3. OR Walked Out Just to Find Your Bike is Completely Gone.? 😬


Our Smart Lock Technology has got your back.!! 

Do you ever leave your bike locked up just kind of hoping it will be there when you get back, living in constant worry whether you will accidentally lose your key or something is going to happen to your precious ride while you’re gone.? Leaving your bike out in the open can be a anxiety filled experience if you don’t have 100% faith in the lock you’re trusting to protect your property while you’re gone.

The Smart Lock™ is the best option for you!!!

Forget about keys and combinations with our Smart Lock™ Technology you can Locked/Unlocked your lock with one simple swipe of any Iphone or android mobile device!!!

With our Super strong cable you will be 100% sure that your bike will be safe at All Times and if that is not enough the moment anyone tries tampering with it by trying to open by force, trying to take out the battery’s, attempting to cut the cable, or even just shaking the lock while it is locked it will trigger our 110db Alarm that will have any wanna be thief running for the hills scared as soon as they hear it.!!!!

When the Alarm is triggered you will receive a notification straight to your phone immediately!!


Install the app on your phone and you will be able to Lock/Unlock, get notified if someone touch your bike or to see the remaining power of your battery !


The Smart Lock is 100% waterproof so there is no need to ever worry about any wet weather conditions!

Our Smart Lock™ is the original Bluetooth lock and you can only buy it online !

Secure the Safety of your bike and give your self a break from the anxiety of constantly having to worry about leaving your property every time you need to stop for a coffee or go into a shop!

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